Magnification of Neil’s Picture

Like a number of people, I really liked the photo of the island through the bathroom window taken by Neil. It looks like the juxtoposition of two framed photo’s next to each other. As I zoomed in on the picture using some sophisticated software, I see that one of my secret musky spots has been revealed.

7 thoughts on “Magnification of Neil’s Picture

  1. O.K. Gord, you can spray some of that B.S. alert scent now. It does however, serve as a reminder of the fabulous musky fishing available in Eagle Lake.

  2. Andy…I'm humbled by your generosity in giving away hotspots such as this one. That would have been very difficult for me. Isn't this spot close to the place where Billy Belinski was bitten by a musky a couple of years back?

  3. Nice ski!!!!
    Hope it is still swimming?
    Can't wait till musky opens this week-end so Gord can post up some nice pictures for us!!!
    Maybe he will video a musky following a topwater bait that would be cool!!!
    Now that I have planted the idea hope someone can come through!!!!

  4. Poor Billy's incident was actually within the VBL beach if I remember quickly. This musky was caught between gull island and the island featured in Neil's picture. Gord…you really should add a post about Billy, perhaps posting a scan of the article? To answer Perchmaster's question, there are really few reasons to keep a large game fish of any species. There are plenty of eaters in Eagle Lake! Occassionally, you will get a casualty that can't be revived, but take plenty of pictures and let the big girls swim away.

  5. Andy….what a wonderfull convoluted way of getting to post a picture of your big catch! You can always refer to your hot spot as the "view from the crapper in cabin 5"!

    And yes, professor, this is very close to the spot where Billy was attacked…….in fact is that a piece of boy-flesh hanging from the jaws of that muskie?………

    Perchmaster….."nice ski"……a ski is something you glide over the snow on…or perhaps on the lake. Perhaps you are referring to a Muskie? I will be posting a picture of one this season that will frost your pumpkin… ready!

  6. Yea OK Gord whatever, the only way you will boat a monster "SKI" is if one of your friends from across the bay takes you fishing!!!! HAHAHA!!
    I will hold you to this picture of a monster, and I doubt it will frost this pumpkin!!!!
    I'm ready and will be waiting Gus.

  7. Great! Photo of a muskellunge!!
    I guess I'll have to come up to the Lodge this summer and catch me one of them Mus-ski-iees

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