May 19, 2013 “Day two…in search of Walter”

Susanne and I decided to spend a few hours trying out our trolling techniques to find some walleyes.  We did have a limited success.  No big concentrations of fish but with water temps in the upper 40’s I was happy to have some action.


Susanne had the bragging rights with her slot sized fish…..mine on the other hand were more modest.

IMGP1370 - Copy

Seems like it was hard to avoid the lake trout.  Susanne landed this 6 or 7 pounder and lost a smaller one near the boat. 



A pair of bald eagles seem to be huddled together for warmth.  The wind started to pick up and we had a Sunday night fish fry to get organized so back into the lodge for us.  There’s always tomorrow, and many more spots to try!

IMGP1366 - Copy

6 thoughts on “May 19, 2013 “Day two…in search of Walter”

  1. We would like to announce the newest Russian member of Vermilion Bay Lodge… Masha… Her comments on the picture of the huge trouts and walleyes from opening weekend were… “whatever… I am only 6 weeks old…”.

    Nice job on the decks and cabin reno’s.. Looking good. Next time I try to run down the hill from cabin 2 in the dark I won’t get the chance to trip and fall in the ditch as your new deck can break my fall.

    Evgeni says to Henry, not to be frustrated from the ice… He can get him something that the russians use to de-ice the planes in Siberia… (It’s drinkable)!

    One small request.. Please install seatbelts into the boat… I am not sure how we will get the car seat in the boat without them. 🙂 THX

    Wishin we were fishin!

    1. Welcome to the newest Russian family member of VBL – love her name and can’t wait to see her!! How are Mom and Dad doing, and how do you say that in Russian? Come and see us soon…Susanne

  2. That 18 foot Alumarine looks awfully clean…..better fish a lot this year to give it that seasoned look….like the one you sport, Gord.

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