Perch fishing…

Another great year of perch fishing at Vermilion Bay Lodge with a couple of jumps along the way.

Low water disaster?

Beaver dams and low water levels made this years trek for perch fishing a little work but as persistent as we are we made it there and back with little problems.
Took a couple of stops to find them this year but when on them we limited out in no time.

Perch fishing possibilities…

If Gord ever does hold a “PERCH MADNESS WEEK” I don’t think we would have any troubles taking the title.
Andy and Professor you would have been proud again this year!!!
Here are some pics from this years adventure.

Perch fishing photo-journal…


OK Perchmasters bring on those tasty perch I’m ready to clean!!!




I don’t care what Gord say’s anymore he is always happy in the end!


Perch fishing, Eagle Lake, 2012

16 thoughts on “PERCHMADNESS 2012 VBL

    1. Some might say that the rest of the world is coming around to the joy of perch. This may turn out to be a “megatrend”, with Perchmaster and Bamboo Mark leading the parade.

  1. Why is Mark cleaning perch? I know that Gord gets so much pleasure out of this that I find this a good time to take a nap. When Gord comes down to the fish house and sees a sink full of perch, he has a smile from ear to ear.

  2. Everyone please notice that Kurt never has a knife in his hand. Claims he doesn’t know how to fillet fish. Maybe it’s time to go to the Bastable School of Filleting?

    1. Take note you don’t see me in any pics cause I am taking pic and fetching beers for you 2.
      See, I know I could not do a good enough job for you that is why I don’t clean fish.

      1. Perchmaster,

        Some people just don’t appreciate a job well done. I count at least three empty beer bottles in the background.


          1. Check this out!!! Take note there is no beer bottles empty in the pictures.
            But you will notice that there are to glasses of wine that are full. Also I am looking out for you don’t want you to down to much and cut a finger off on my fillets.

  3. Easy now Gord. It turns out that Kurt’s parole officer does not allow him to hold any sharp objects that might be perceived as a weapon. It’s a long story but it has something to do with an incident where someone was crowding his fishing spot. Sadly, I have the same problem and will require a great deal of assistance filleting perch later this year.

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On behalf of the Boyes Group, I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for hosting the Muskie Madness Week and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at VBL and had a great time!! This was our 7th year on Eagle Lake and we have stayed at a few other lodges but VBL takes the cake hands down! You can definitely count us in for next year. I’m happy to see you post some of my pics, they turned out well. Thanks again Gord for a wonderful week of fishing and your stellar hospitality, you run a first class operation, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Trevor Benner

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