Filleting pike…

Filleting pike from Eagle Lake…


Dean and Scott after a morning of pike fishing

How to fillet a pike….

Here’s a short video on filleting pike at Vermilion Bay Lodge



4 thoughts on “Filleting pike…

  1. Great Vid Gord.
    I think that there are many that will benefit from that vid for cleaning northerns. Many say they don’t like northerns but I think it more about getting the bones out, and they would find them very tasty.

  2. See this great….

    But the video they should post is “How to get your beer and drink it in the fish house while Gord removes the “Y” bones from the pike you caught.”

  3. Gord,
    The Professor and I had a recent successful fishing trip. The Professor was very precise in the vacuum packing of the walleye and pike fillets and placed them in the establishments public freezer with our name on the outside of the bag. When it came time to leave, someone had taken our bag and left us their frozen blocks of fish bursting from the ziplock bags. The Professor was not pleased. The whole ride back, the only thing that gave us pleasure was the thought of those idiots eating the pike fillet’s that still had the y-bones in them.

  4. Gord,

    One other suggestion after looking at the blood on the fillet table. The professor and I learned a new technique that the Godfather of Green Bay called the “smile cut”. Just before coming in, make a deep cut in the throat of the fish and let them bleed out. There is virtually no blood to deal with when cleaning them. It was amazing how clean the fillet’s were. If guests are without a live well and are using the burlap bags, they would have to do this after catching the fish and throwing the bag over the side of the boat for a while.


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On behalf of the Boyes Group, I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for hosting the Muskie Madness Week and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at VBL and had a great time!! This was our 7th year on Eagle Lake and we have stayed at a few other lodges but VBL takes the cake hands down! You can definitely count us in for next year. I’m happy to see you post some of my pics, they turned out well. Thanks again Gord for a wonderful week of fishing and your stellar hospitality, you run a first class operation, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Trevor Benner

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