Perchmasters are back…the perch report.

Well as promised here is the perch report.

With the cooler than normal weather on our annual trip to Eagle Lake we were not sure when to try for the perch till Keith and his wife asked for us to show them how and where to target these tasty buggers.  So on Tuesday we decided to make our scouting run and found them in one of our old hot spots.   We hit ’em pretty hard in 3-5′ of water on small pink jigs tipped with the Chena bait.  On Wednesday we took Keith and his wife to the same  spot and nailed 10 jumbos fast while showing them the technique.  With 2 motors running in the same location we told Keith and his wife we would check another spot while they fished.  We then found and hammered the perch one after another !  We brought Keith and his wife over and they hit enough for them to take back to the island for a meal or 2.


More Perch…

On Tuesday we had our 2 man limit in about 4 hours and on Wednesday we played catch and release and probably released close 150 of them in about the same amount of time.


Perch Madness Week in 2012?

Too bad we could not have held “PERCH FESTIVAL” this year it could have been a blast…

Here are a few pics of the trip.


Gallery of Perch…

18 thoughts on “Perchmasters are back…the perch report.

  1. OK Andy and Joe you missed it so next year will be your chance to place a case of Moosehead on a contest so make sure your up for opening week!!!!
    Now you have the proof Gord did not clean the fish this year Mike helped Mark.

  2. Dear Readers…Please join me by bowing your heads in a moment of silent awe to the perch catching prowess of Kurt and Mark. These two fine anglers are truly remarkable. And, were it not for their personalities, they might be downright charming.

    Perchmaster…Please give Andy and I a bit of credit here for knowing that by accepting your perch challenge we most certainly would lose a case of beer.

  3. What can I say other than…impressive. Gord should be ashamed of himself. The one question I have is this: what’s up with the perch sized pike? Or are those pike sized perch?

    I am going to have to think about a teal river rod myself. My friend Steve Kohlstedt in Richland Center raves about them.

  4. Perchmaster, I may spend a day late this summer trying to find these fish in deeper water. I see no reason why these couldn’t be found in this bay in the deepest water. Would you agree?

  5. Maybe Brad can put up a reply with a link to his website…..Teal River Rods. I have several, and can say you are really not a true fisherman until you own one……!! Man, you guys are missing out…… Plus, if you can’t catch fish on his rod, he will do a free eye exam………just cause that’s the kind of guy his is……stands by his product……………….

  6. Man, I haven’t had it laid on this thick in quite some time. Gord, you must have some chores for me to do while I’m “vacationing” at VBL! Okay, here is my web address:

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