Thanks for another GREAT trip

Want to send out a BIG thanks to Gord and his family for another GREAT trip

Couple of JUMBO perch

Some Jumbo Eagle Lake perch

Mark with a cold day walleye

Mark with a nice 30″ Northern Pike

Mark checking out another slot walleyeThe next set of pictures are of Mark/Matt catching after dinner walleye

Matt nets a walleye for Mark

And another net job by Matt

As the sunsets on another day!!!

Kurt with slot walleye

Mark with an after dinner slot walleye with Matt and Mark in the back ground landing one also

Mark with 24″ walleye

Mark with another above size slot walleye

Release of another slot walleye

Mark with a nice slot size walleye(above)

Kurt with slot size walleye(above)

Mark trying to hang onto another slot walleye(above)

12 thoughts on “Thanks for another GREAT trip

  1. Nice job….we should of maybe followed you a bit more to get more walleye!

    Nicely done on the posting w/ pics as well.

  2. Yes, a good job Perchmaster. Dustin, you probably noticed the Wisconsin dudes were pretty tight lipped about fishing spots…..

  3. Dustin,

    Come up the third week in August and you will find some Wisconsin anglers that would be more than happy to give you a long list of hot spots. It's a big lake!


  4. That's right Dustin. Andy and I will also demonstrate the presentation method we have used to catch literally hundreds of walleyes during the mid to late August period. And our best areas are close to VBL. The last three years have been nothing short of fabulous for us.

  5. I think Anonymous would like to see some proof?

    Hey we don't really have any secret spots, we fish all the same spots that most everyone else does.
    Yea we have a spot or 2 that we don't brag about but if someone asks we give out info just like everyone else does.
    We Wisconsin men are not hiding anything really.
    You want to go perching let's go you can follow I will even give you the secret bait, just to see Gord clean HUNDREDS of perch.
    No really guy's we have no secrets I ask and if someone shares with me GREAT and if they say this place and one I would rather not mention fine I don't hold any grudges.
    I learn more each year and find a new spot usually every year, you just never know.

  6. I think that's the key…be there every year, so you can build a whole host of spots to try! This was our first year, and we've already got 3 or 4 spots we feel comfortable fishing next year!

  7. Chuck in Toronto comments!
    The Anonymous person is perhaps overwhelmed by all the GREAT PHOTOGRAPGHS of Fish caught from Eagle Lake!!! =:)

  8. "Anonymous" must be refering to the professor's claim of catching hundreds of walleys during the August patterns. It reminded me of our friend from Toronto last year, who screamed "B____S____" when the number of fish were announced during the Walleye Madness tournament. The photos only added to his pain. I will post some picture soon.

    Dustin's got it right. It takes a few years to accumulate the number of spots and techniques that the Perchmaster, the Professor and Gord have accumulated. With return trips, 3-4 spots quickly turns into an extensive milk run. However, I'm always amazed by the guests that are too proud to ask for help and assistance. Gord and most of the guests would be of a lot of assistance. Don't wait until day 5 to start asking! Again….its a big lake.


  9. Very true Andy I think you hit the nail on the head, some guy's wish to wait to long to ask for info, I know every year I come up I always ask Gord he make suggestion to help you maybe find a new spot that spot may be a DUD this time but next time it could be "JACKPOT". It never hurts to ask most all of us only fish one week out of the year and the patterns change every day, all it takes is a little info and the guy might think HEY let's give this spot a try. I know the first couple of year we would run by the "HIGHWAY" and never fish it and now we fish it and it's like"BAM" fish on!!!!
    Last year lot of trout this year not many for us so you never know what might be "LURKING" in an area.
    Don't be afraid to ask and don't be afraid to try new spots!!!!

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