The Great Ice-Out Contest

I’ve posted some details in the margin on how to enter the ice out contest. If you’re lucky enough to guess the exact date you will win a “really nice” VBL camo hoodie that are new this year. Just to prepare yourself for a knowledgeable guess here are some details to consider. The ice here looks like this picture. Still a one inch skiff of white stuff over about 3 feet of ice….solid to shore. The creek is solid except for up by the culvert. Warm weather in the forecast. The contest is open to anyone, so give it a shot. Your answers will remain secret till the contest is over. I will accept your predictions till info April 25th……after which we must all sit back and watch the ice melt!

18 thoughts on “The Great Ice-Out Contest

  1. Hoodie in camo? I might have to get me one of those either way.
    My guess is on the way Gord.
    When do the guess have to be in by?
    Maybe set a date?
    Can we change our minds?

  2. Guess is on the way….but I’m counting on it to happen sometime in the next 42 days or so!!

  3. Perchmaster…….I’ve set a date of April 30th to have your guess in by. I’m holding you to your first guess.

  4. Perchmaster…….I’ve set a date of April 30th to have your guess in by. I’m holding you to your first guess.

    Man if I would have known I could wait that long I would have
    What a BUM

  5. Go ahead and make another guess…you won’t be getting updates from me though!!!!

    No but I do know where to get the updates?

  6. You mean there is still ice on Eagle Lake?! Just make sure it is gone by the beginning of May, Okay?!

    Weather here is warm and tornado-ey. I’ll see tomorrow just how well your hammer works.

    Hey there is lots of action on your blog – I guess I have to start offering free give aways.

  7. Happy Easter Electic Beaver:
    I’ve added several muskie articles to my website
    including my Gord Bastable interview!
    A website or blog is like abox of chocolates
    or an easter egg hunt….
    All the best this Spring
    Chuck in Toronto

  8. Charles…I read your interview with Gord and found myself utterly spellbound and facinated. However did you get him to talk so much?

    You quoted Gord as saying that if he had one lure color to use (for musky fishing) it would be black. Did he happen to mention the thinking behind his purchases of hundreds of musky lures in every color imaginable?

  9. Gord,

    After the Perchmaster fills up his burlap bag with perch, could he use his hoodie for some extra storage of those tasty perch?


  10. Chuck in Toronto
    I also had a chance to read your interview, I must say interesting piece of read.
    One fond memory I have of being greeted by the 2 labs upon one of our visit in May was the year we pulled up only to see Gord falling into the water as he was putting in the boat docks.
    O or was that someone else?
    I will say there is never a dull moment at VBL.

  11. More signs of Spring…..I saw a Blue Heron and an MNR water bomber fly over today (not together). Other signs…the bald eagle has staked out his tree by the island and is scoping out the gulls (last year they ate every baby gull!). Also a sign of spring….Alan, from Bobby’s Bait Shop is back…in all his glory.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my Gord Bastable interview on my website
    Your questions can be directed to Gord.
    I was curious? Did you lok at some of the artwork on the site?
    All the best this Spring…as the ice very slowly melts on Eagle Lake…
    When will the ice be gone??

  13. Yes Charles I had a chance to check out your work as I have also admired the work you have at VBL.Very nice work I say.

    Alan, from Bobby’s Bait Shop is back…in all his glory.

    Now Gord has a new drinking partner till his guest begin to show.

  14. The “outdoors card” is new this year. Yes, I will have them. They are good for three years and in the future all you will need is a sticker on the back to show you have bought a current licence.

  15. Charles…Of course I looked at the artwork. I even showed it to my cat, Luckyboy, who was as intrigued as I.

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