The Legend of “Trophy Angler”…. (ice)

“In a land frozen in time, with prehistoric creatures locked in ice, there was shadowy man known only as “Trophy Angler”……..



……..this is the true story of  “Trophy Angler”


19 thoughts on “The Legend of “Trophy Angler”…. (ice)

  1. Gord … as usual, your videos, postings make one envious. Clear skies, good location, fishing and good company, what a life style compared to smog covered city.

      1. “Fish hard”? Brings to mind the old (well, as old as Bill P.) saying……”Fishin’ so good, you’ll be sportin’ wood”. Sorry Perchmaster, but the visualization is hard (!) to take (almost said “swallow”…yikes).

        Anyways, I see the potential for a new t-shirt design…. “Fish hard is what I say!!” What say you Charles…..artwork, or pornography?

  2. Gord, as they used to say on “Family Feud” – good answer! Perchmaster, please fish hard or go home. And don’t forget to fish after dark when you are not fishing on Eagle Lake. There are tens of thousands of fish that go to bed hungry every night and its up to us to take care of the problem.

    1. Perchmaster will have to live vicariously through your spring trip Andy………the perch are “all yours”. Alas, Perchmaster has bailed on his traditional spring trip. Maybe next year P.M……….

  3. Guess we could always give our new GP employee a lesson on fishing in exchange for hunting lessons for me Gord?
    He tells me how good of a hunter he is but I am seeing some of Gord in him with the BS!!!!

    1. Don’t believe Curt needs to sling the BS when it comes to hunting. Kurt, you would fit right in with his hunting group. Perhaps that could be your VBL fix? Come early and do a bit of fishing…….. You will likely need a letter of recomendation from me though……..

  4. Gord,
    I think the thought of a perch rodeo was too much pressure? However, I am thinking the honey hole might be difficult to reach this spring? It was a bit of a challenge last fall.


  5. Perchmaster,

    The professor gets a little grumpy when we have to portage. Especially when we are portaging for perch. I don’t know if you remember Marge with the dishpan hands, but he complains about his hands get wrinkled every time he has to portage. He puts on those big red rubber gloves, opens up the cheese and then starts whining. Maybe you could remind us again how to get Gord’s boats air borne over the beaver dams? I almost killed Billy on one of those maneuvers while doing the death march to Favell Lake. I launched him from the back of the boat to the front of the boat. I guess he didn’t hear me say “hold on”.


  6. Hey Andy
    We don’t bring up the jumping of beaver dams with Gord’s boats.
    Andy I think you need to have the Professor take off his leathers and his skirt when he goes fishing unless that part of your gig? HAHA!!
    It is not all that bad getting in there I think it is always easier that doing the clearwater trip either way.
    If you need me to come up Andy and show you how to slay a 100 perch in an hour let me know I can maybe get some FML at work for that week.
    O wait I can’t talk about getting off work anymore since one of Gord’s guest is now a co-worker…. DAM!!!

  7. The old rhyme, “Fishin’ so good, you’ll be sportin’ wood?”
    My expression in rhyme of Eagle Lake fishing would be something like…

    The cold Canadian waters of Eagle Lake.
    Swept by sun, snow, wind and rain, I hope to see again.
    I wish I could speed up the hands of time, to fish again another season
    In that sunset land.
    And if the fates allow I hope to catch a muskie as big as me.

    see more inspiring thoughts at

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