Walleye Madness Week, 2013

More “madness” than walleyes might have been this year’s theme, although after the 3 day event the bite really took off.  Still though, some nice fish did make their appearance and a good time was had by all.


Above is George Benger and his winning entry in the “best walleye photo” of the contest.  22.75 inches of walleye madness.  Photo evidence that George actually smiles!


Hmmm….hold fish vertically…..hold cigarette horizontally.  Or is the fish horizontal……?


…….oh, damn!  Now what?


……that’s right.  Get rid of the smoke and concentrate on the fish.


Ken Zitzow demonstrates the proper pose for best walleye documentation.


Tim Rosentreter, and another nice photo.  No signs of rug burn and cigarette ash.


Ron Zitzow fails to read the rules of the competition that states: “Only released fish may be entered into the competition”…..nice try anyways Ron!


My entry for the contest was also disqualified on a technicality.  Why is the turtle smiling?


Proof that it’s not all lounging around, eating minnows, when you are a walleye in Eagle Lake.  Sometimes you are on the menu!


Note the high standards of documentation required during walleye madness week.  Not quite 23 inches.  The walleye seems interested as well.


The awards night and pot luck dinner was a highlight of the competition.


In the end the 3 finishers were only separated by 1/2 inch.  A tight race, the winner sqeaks by with a 23 incher.  Shown here is Erling Olson carting off his winnings, and for the rest of the week wallowing in his title of “Walleye Master”.    Second spot was George Benger with a 22.75 fish and in third Tim Rosentreter with a 22.5 incher.  Congratulations all.



Two of the guests this week hired a guide (Greg… Eagle Eye Guiding) for a day of musky fishing.  Turns out the biggest walleye caught during the contest was this 28 incher…….caught in the weeds on a musky bait!  Unfortunately since Greg caught the fish it wasn’t part of the contest, but it was a good reminder how diverse these fish can be in their locations.  Here’s a few more photos of Hunter and Kingsley Grant’s day on the water…..



No muskies were caught but some close calls and a number of follows made it an exciting day.

6 thoughts on “Walleye Madness Week, 2013

  1. Very nice post Gord. Where the heck was Marsha? Mr Zitzow was simply releasing his walleyes into hot oil.

    Can’t wait to get up there in a few weeks. I have a friend driving through the area this weekend and he might stop by for a short visit.

  2. Andy….Marsha was in the competition, but since her name was on the trophy numerous times I believe she held back a bit. If you and the Professor had the orbs to compete, now that would have been a different story (I pose the challenge on behalf of Marsha).

    There were numerous eater walleyes caught and released in hot oil that week. The bruisers were more elusive. Since then water temps have plummeted over 10 degrees and the fish are rebelling. What’s with this weather???????????

    1. Honestly Gord, I love the walleye trophy carved by Charles and am looking at it right now. We feel that the best way to hold back is to simply not enter. We enjoy living vicariously through your other guests and their adventures posted on this blog. A week from Friday and we will have our own little walleye madness week. We also hope to pester the musky, perch, pike, and lake trout. Kurt….it’s not too late to make your reservations?

  3. Erling! Wins!
    Great contest with a good series of photosdocumenting the day-by-day excitement.
    The wood carved trophy like very well done.
    I hope no one tried to fry it for dinner?

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