Water Bomber Targets Gull Rock!

More water bomber activity over Vermilion Bay Lodge!

These big yellow birds that fly over the lodge are pretty amazing.  Let’s hope that all the practice runs are not foreshadowing a bad fire season.

Check out this video link!


What happens when you get buzzed by a water bomber?

17 thoughts on “Water Bomber Targets Gull Rock!

  1. Imagine that poor unsuspecting shallow lake trout feeding away – only to get scooped up and taken on the ride of his life!

      1. Sorry Brad, but the only vocalizing I’ve heard from a trout is a kind of burping noise…..very similar to you after you’ve had a “man-beer”.

  2. You’re right……a very slow rise which I guess is better than the reverse. Not much rain in this weeks forecast. I look forward to having Clearwater Lake all to ourselves!

  3. This discussion of the trout reminds me of the famous urban legend called the tale of Crispy Corpus. It goes like this:
    On the scene of a forest fire in Southern California, fire officials discover the body of a man who was wearing a wet suit and complete SCUBA diving gear. An autopsy shows that the diver was not killed by fire, but by massive internal injuries. After puzzling for a while, the authorities realize that the diver was swimming off the coast in an area where water-dropping helicopters were getting their water…and the diver accidentally got collected along with the water and dropped on the fire.

    1. Yes, there has been some log siding added. It will be painted red and the sign will go back up…declaring “vermilion bay lodge” for all to see…! Of course, unless we get some water you may have to view it from Gull Rock….

  4. Gord,

    Don’t worry about the water level. The excercise involved with moving the piers as you have done in past years only builds character. You can never have too much of that. Just don’t put on the scuba diving gear to do that task. We really do like having you around to clean those perch.

    1. Funny you mention the pier deal…. I remember the year we arrived and Bamboo Mark had to jump in the creek with you to fix the piers up. Nothing like a warm welcome to VBL!!!

  5. Professor,

    It’s an endearing term that Gord uses for Kurt’s fishing partner. Maybe it fits in with the t-shirt theme for this year….”fishing so good you will be sporting bamboo”. The old slogan was good, but Gord’s guests are aging. Rumor has it that Snapon Tools might be a VBL corporate sponsor in 2013.

    1. Professor, Bamboo Mark is a reference to a once venerable watering hole in Green Bay, Wisconsin……”The Bamboo Room”. Any details further to that and you will have to show up opening week and talk to the man himself.

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