What's on the end of your line?

I have caught some strange things over the years. Billy here caught a really nice one on Eagle Lake three years ago. It was an ice fishing rod and reel that Bill thought he should measure for the VBL brag board. It’s now hanging as a trophy buy generic cialis online in the fish house. I know Marsha caught a pole and line counter reel during last year’s walleye madness tournament (Hey, Gord….where’s the pictures from 2008)? Tell us about your strangest catch while fishing.


7 thoughts on “What's on the end of your line?

  1. Catching fishing poles seems to be a not so uncommon feat on Eagle Lake. Is there a limit? The funny thing is, I was fishing Clearwater lake last year and caught a really sweet rod with a cardinal 3 reel. After some basic cleaning I sold it on E-Bay and it almost paid for my trip to VBL!

    Lucky Louie

  2. VBL Guests,

    When you come to Eagle Lake, be prepared to hold on tight. And if you are fishing with a novice, you might not want to lend them your lucky green hornet fishing rod. When those go overboard, it tends to make people a little grumpy.

  3. I’ve never cught another rod and reel.
    I’ve busted a couple” accidentally”
    I am so accident prone… I can hardly wait to see what I’ll do on my next trip to Eagle Lake?
    Chuck in Toronto

  4. Lucky Louie…Nice catch. The owner of Vermilion Bay Lodge lost the same reel on Clearwater, courtesy of an inattentive guest, a couple years back. He was really bummed-out about it. Was there a lake trout skeleton attached to a Little Cleo by any chance?

  5. Not to be morbid, but my strangest “catch” was a bobbing flotation boat cushion that was tied to the wrist of someone who drowned. This was 30 years ago when I worked at North Shore Lodge.

    On a more positive subject, there is a reward for whoever finds my St.Croix ultralight rod and Cardinal 3 reel in the depths of Clearwater Lake. I’m still in shock over that fiasco.

  6. Don’t worry Gord…I was just yanking your chain. We haven’t yet caught that really nice St. Croix rod with the Cardinal 3. As long as we are on a morbid topic, I’m surprised the Professor didn’t mention that dead fawn deer out in the middle of Big bay du Noc? That was a real trophy! I was once fishing with my son Shawn and hooked into a shimano rod and reel complete with fish. However, by the time I untangled all of my lines, I lost the fish that was attached to the rod, reel, and lure! How’s that for a fish story?

  7. I caught a clam one time…although I think that just shows my hidden talent as a master angler; after all, clams are smaller then any fish and therefore are much harder to catch…well, that’s my educated opinion anyways…hahahaha 😉

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