Where have all the blog posts gone…

…long time passing.

You might sing this as a modified Kingston Trio version of their Vietnam protest song…..angry at “the man” and all that. Unfortunately, I am “the man”, at least the one responsible for latest vacuum of blog posts. Contrary to some rumors out there, I am still in a functioning state with most of my mental faculties in tact. This, after a very busy season is, if not impressive, at least cause for celebration.

Back in the last post ( May 27-June 3, Fishing Report) I ended by stating “stay tuned for next weeks update”. Well, 5 months later I’m finally back at it. Sure, it’s been a bit of a dry spell. Some things have come between me and my computer…..flooding, freezing, destruction, fishing, guests (and many of them), fish fries, fish cleaning, fish packaging, fish banter & fish batter….all things fish. It was a complete work out and thus I let my blog readers down. Then again, some things are worth waiting for. Of course my memory (being what’s left of it) is an issue when trying to piece together the string of events that make up the 2022 season. I’ll try and give it my best shot…bear with me if I overlook anyone or anything…..it was a heck of a ride!

Before we head back in time here’s a couple of examples of what’s happening in October 2022.

The “Mother in Law” cabin is finally complete with new porch, deck, siding and roof. A coat of stain this spring will finish it off….ready for Gerda’s arrival…June 2023!

A bit off topic…..

…but I’ve had issues with the Velcro fastener on my I Phone holster. Was thinking it might be a good idea to replace it before I lose the damn thing. Too late, lost it yesterday while making a few stops via boating to the point and Boathouse Island. Tried phoning it but the volume was turned down….no luck locating it that way. In the lake? In the bush? Was ready to head to town this morning to replace it but luckily Susanne found an app that might track down it’s location….

Well, dang. There it is, somewhere where we walked around on the point.
I scoured the site and had no luck. Susanne discovered that the app can activate your lost phone to make an audible call, even if the sound is turned down or off. It worked! Lost overnight in the rain did not seem to affect it. Thanks S.!

June 2022…

You might need to check out the previous 2 or 3 posts to bring yourselves up to speed….I know I did. While the summer went by fast, it seems a long time ago that we were dealing with flooding. Here’s some photos to recap what was going on…

An early June laker from Vermilion Bay.
This June was exceptional for small-mouth…….both big….
…and small.
The bite was “on” in the portage lakes too.
Did we mention the high water levels….docking behind the boat house!
At its highest point the water was up to the bottom of the granite benches (another 8 inches?)
Bob with a rare “almost a smile” expression.
Susanne collecting fish heads for her garden……results were inconclusive.
Some serious strategizing going on here….
The southern boys targeting the small-mouth….
…another good one!
Double trouble…
Oh yea…
Pro tip….always match your shirt color to the fish you are targeting.
…same goes for the hat.
Scenic interlude.
It’s one of many bald eagles..
One of the better restaurants on the lake….
Photo bombing it on Eagle Lake.
Not to be outdone…..way to go!
Pike will make you smile.
Every time…
We saw a ton of eater sized walleye this June.
Ho Ho Ho….another dandy bass.
Consider flattening the barbs for easier extraction.
Hooks out and good to go again!
…and again!
That’s the thinnest bass I’ve ever seen…
Perhaps the next fish will be a big pike….
or a musky!
More bass, more bass….
Could this be the Perch Rodeo winner?
The Dustin family bringing home the bacon (also known as lake trout).
Once again, proof that wearing VBL bling will help you catch a big one! Sorry, those hats are no longer available.

So there you have it…

…the gist of what happened in June. The flavor, the aroma, the grandeur. The agony of defeat (if you weren’t here). Stay tuned as I ruminate over July. I will try and bring you up to speed in the next blog post, and I guarantee it won’t take me another 5 months. I’ll leave you with this memory of 2022…

If you were here in June and have a picture of your trip that “says it all” I would be happy to include it at the beginning of the next blog post. I know I’ve misplaced some good ones. Just shoot me an email with your photos.

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