Andy and Shawn set the bar at 33 inches……

big trout A beautiful 33 inch lake trout released by Shawn.  Try and beat that one dad! another walleye That’s a pretty nice walleye you’ve got there Andy….but you’re still not up to the challenge! 28 incher Shawn fights back with a bigger walleye…………28 inches, released……very nice! photo Andy is all smiles…on the outside…..but secretly planning his “big move”…….. musky walleye Shawn strikes a blow to Andy’s self esteem by catching slot walleyes the hard way…on musky gear! rodeo Andy uses the “distract and conquer” technique by alternating his target species… will it work? small bait Shawn seems to be buckling under the old man’s pressure.  Is that a fish or are you just excited to see me? shaw Shawn regroups and the pressure is back onto the elderly Andy Lewis.  Can he find the gumption to fight back?  Time to pull out the “Hail Mary” technique you’ve been afraid to unleash……till….now………. another 33 Oh, my.  33 inches of walleye fury.  Nicely done Andy!  Another personal best for the Lewis clan.  While the Lewis fishing still continues at time of publishing this, we hope that the 33 inch trout / walleye trip of 2013 will only be the beginning of future big fish records being broken. One question remains.  Will Andy’s fishing partner “The Professor” be able to meet the challenge in his upcoming trip?  Andy has thrown down the gauntlet.  Can Joe bend over that far?……..stay tuned!]]>

10 thoughts on “Andy and Shawn set the bar at 33 inches……

  1. VERY VERY nicely done guys.
    Some really nice fish.
    Can the professor live up to it. Nah Can he bend over well stay tune Gord will fill you in…

    1. Kurt,
      It was an amazing trip with beautiful weather the entire week. When Friday arrived we knew the trip wasn’t complete until we brought Gordon a sink full of bull perch. More on this soon.

  2. Tremendous fish, Shawn and Andy! A 33″ walleye is a pig by anyone, but especially someone who is elderly. Father son fishing at VBL, good for you guys!
    P.S. Crawler harnesses in 35′ of water?

    1. Brad,
      Most of the walleyes in vermilion bay came from 22′-30′ of water on bottom bouncers and crawler. To add to the intrigue, the 27″, 28″, and 33″ walleyes came from 15′ of water while jigging….all within about 10′ of each other and all on the same day….a bright sunny one at that. One night Shawn caught three slot walleyes on a musky depth raider in about 18′ of water over cabbage.

      1. Andy:
        Catching those big eyes on jigs must have been a hoot! When I and my boat partners fish for suspended muskies using large crank baits, we occasionally catch a big walleye or two, rarely less than 25″. Most of these come at night, however. Biggest was a whopping 36″ on a black Cisco Kid!

      1. Gord,
        I can honestly say that I have never been up to VBL and heard those dreaded words: “You should have been here last week”. Did you get any pictures from George and Mary? I love the fact that George’s mother has been coming up to Eagle Lake since 1953 (60 years)! More fishing pictures to come.

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