What a day!

Gord never likes to set the bar too high for guests, but the truth of the matter is that fishing can sometimes be phenomenal at Vermilion Bay Lodge. Of course its not like this all of the time. However, on this particular day, 8-22-13, my son Shawn and I headed out specifically to catch a huge walleye. Of course we picked a bright sunny day with absolutely no “walleye chop”. And on that particular day I was fortunate to catch a 28″ walleye, followed by a 33″ walleye, followed by a 27″ walleye by Shawn (Gord took editorial license in the previous post). Shawn also lost another walleye in this same range of 27″-33″. Just to prove that this doesn’t happen every day, we took Gord back to the spot the very next day…..nothing. Here folks is “Walleye….the movie”


3 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Gooooooorrrrrddddd , Suuuuzzzzaaaannnneee,
    Hey you guys .. I am trying to keep in touch I don’t know if this is way anyways let me know if you get this and then I know I’m on the right track. I can’t wait to get back to the ” big house”. Next summer looks good. Some big ones this summer look like for the fisherman …… There out there!! Anyways I hope this works ill be on a lot more.
    Miss and love you guys xoxoxo xoxox

  2. Hey Jeff…..you have connected. Welcome to the internet world. Hope all is well down south. The liquor store folk miss you. S. has been on leave since you left. Must be depressed!!!

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If you like GREAT fishing, hospitality and affordability, Vermilion Bay Lodge is highly recommended. I have been making the trip to Vermilion Bay Lodge for the past 10 years and have never once been disappointed. If you like great walleye, northern, musky and trout fishing, this place should not be overlooked. The fishing has been excellent… no matter what time we went. Gordy and Susanne are wonderful hosts that will make you feel right at home. Check it out – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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