Spring Fishing & Flying to Clearwater Lake


The opening of Spring fishing is near…

Part of the annual list of chores here at Vermilion Bay Lodge in order to get things ready for the arrival of Spring fishing is to get the boats geared up for the guests on the 3 portage lakes we fish (Clearwater, Highrock, Caribou).  I usually do this in March when the snow is half melted, the ice is still good, and travel through the bush on snowmobile is easy.  This year Mother Nature had a different plan.  Now what to do?  To further complicate matters I was planning on swapping out 3 of the older Johnson motors with some much improved Yamahas.  Even though they aren’t that big, carting them across the portage trails was not sounding appealing.   Oh, did I mention the water levels are way down as well?  No creek travel this spring….

The options:  days of work, or a 7 minute flight….

I chose the latter and I even did a bit of amateur videoing from take off to landing.  To help you get your bearings as you watch this, the takeoff was from the air base just north of Vermilion Bay and as we head south to Clearwater Lake you will see Vermilion Bay (Eagle Lake) off to the left.  If you’re quick you will notice Strawberry Island and Burnt Island.  After that there will be a view of Sportsman’s Bay and Fifth and Broadway off to the right.  Culminating the trip is the view of Clearwater lake dead ahead.  With some of us getting a bit older a person might want to consider a flight on a Beaver as an alternate to the nature walk….. although I did do the trail today and I must say it is darn nice…..no bugs and pretty dry!

Here’s the link….my flight into Clearwater

Flying in the Beaver

Good luck everyone on opening day, and during the spring fishing season.


13 thoughts on “Spring Fishing & Flying to Clearwater Lake

  1. Gord we understand that you have been very busy with the 20th anniversary festivities planning, so your predicament is understandable. You know how much we are looking forward to those new motors, so we are pleased that you found a solution. Did you also pack in some refreshments for the final leg home?

  2. Hi Gord…You are to be commended for flying in the provisions that your guests will need to fully enjoy a back country adventure while at VBL. The lakes you provide access to are nothing short of fabulous for the fishing and scenery, and often with complete solitude. Thank you very much. I hope to be celebrating the 20th anniversary gala on all three this summer.

  3. Yes, 2012 could be the big fish year!
    The Spring newsletter for a near by Fishing/Hunting lodge mentions big fish have been caught during the years when the water was low!
    That is their estimate after looking over 20 years of statistics of big fish!

  4. Charles…I think this is going to be your year. I look forward to a painting of a huge musky held by none other than you. In anticipation of that photo event, don’t forget your flashy VBL Beaver hat. Some sporty duds would be a nice touch as well. I am reminded of those historic fishing pictures when people went fishing in a tie and button up shirt. Maybe Gord could host a reenactment day or a photo contest featuring historic type fishing photo’s to celebrate the 20’th anniversary of VBL? That could be next year’s VBL t-shirt?

  5. Inquiring minds want to know…. Was the sink filled with perch? Did. Gord enjoy the Capital beer? Were the walleyes suckers for the crop circle maneuveur? Was a good time had by all?

  6. Hey Andy
    Sorry I have not gotten any pics up yet been busy around the house.
    Yes the sink over flowed with perch… JUMBOS!!!!
    Yes Gord enjoyed the FREE beer as always but we did dip into his cooler also so he bought a few rounds.
    Yes the walleye were suckers for the circle maneuvers.
    Yes as always a good time.

  7. Gord,
    Not that there is anything wrong with that right? You sound a little bitter from all of that perch filleting. We need a post on fishing. This is not a flying camp.
    Perchamaster, we are forever in debt for your suggestions on fishing. We hope to continue the tradition of year-round perch cleaning at VBL.

    1. Gay couple your just pissed when I took over guiding the boat one day I put us on fish and you could not nap. Guy’s I am sorry I can’t post a fishing report but can’t get on but with my phone. For some reason till I can figure it out I only have limited viewing.

  8. Hey Gord, funny how you have time to post duragatory & VERY UNTRUE comments about your most loyal patrons yet no time to post some updated photos. I’m tired of looking at Kurts same old photos. Get with it “ABE”.

  9. I’m back on through a proxy so hope to be able to post a report this week-end for you.
    Wow what is with you guy’s can’t you play nice

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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