March 20th, 2013…”The Official VBL Ice Out Contest begins!”

The first day of Spring (Happy Nowruz to all you Persians out there)…

…and the ice on Eagle Lake is as tight to shore as the new bathing suit “Big Dick Keller” will be sporting this season.

Careful Dick, you might take your eye out with that thing!

Rules of the VBL Ice Out Contest are simple….

  • The person who picks the correct date that the ice will be gone on Vermilion Bay, as determined by “Constable Bastable”, will be declared the winner of the 2013 VBL Ice Out Contest, and will be eligible for all rights, privileges, and fabulous prizes thereto afforded.
  • All dates starting today are open for selection by emailing Constable Bastable ( with your prediction.  Should more than one person pick the winning date, the first person entered will be declared the winner.  All entries should be kept secret and entered by email only.
  • PRO-TIP:  While it is critical to be the first entered on the correct date, it is wise to bide your time, carefully monitoring current weather conditions and updates from the VBL ice out command center (via the Electric Beaver) to make an informed choice. 
  • In the case of no one picking the correct date, such as last year (“the debacle of 2012”), the entity known as VBL reserves the right to lord the unclaimed  fabulous prize over the heads of as many VBL guests as possible.
  • While there is no requirement to be a VBL guest to enter, any prizes and, or accolades must be redeemed at Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake, or alternately, at the Hotel Playa Del Sol, East Cape, Baja, Mexico (dates pending).


March 20th, 2013….The starting point…

Here’s where we are at as of today…..

The first day of spring at VBL?
I seem to remember last year at this time Susanne was ice fishing in her shorts.  
Only 57 days before the first guests come rolling up the driveway! 
Somewhere out in the frozen wasteland is water waiting to emerge, and walleyes waiting to slide into the frying pan.  Oh, don’t forget about the lake trout during the opener…….always a thrill to catch one of those in the shallows. 

Stay tuned for updates and polish off your crystal ball.  Ice out 2013 begins!

7 thoughts on “March 20th, 2013…”The Official VBL Ice Out Contest begins!”

  1. Only you would think he looks “DAZZLING”
    Now one really thinks what goes on in that hunting camp.
    Thought I would check in but that first picture turned my stomach.
    Only thing worse would be you and the Professor in a leather thong strap

  2. Gord,

    Could we please have an update. You are scaring the guests away with that first picture. How about another bikini on the fish cleaning table?

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