September 1, 2021…VBL update

As we move into September let’s have a look back at the past few weeks…

When style is important the Heenan group knows VBL bling is always cutting edge.
Politics is banned unless in liquid form…….beer courtesy of Len Belpedio*.
Andy agrees, it’s sooo good you’ll want more than one serving.

But what about the fishing?

Andy Lewis with a 44″ Clearwater pike.
Patrick….the most color coordinated angler of 2021!
Brad Walker with an inspiring catch, photo, release…
Brad was on a roll….big pike!
Bob Wilson with 39″ …nice one!
Bob’s nephe Eric with another 39 incher caught the same day.
Meanwhile back on Clearwater lake….
Randy Edwards with a jumbo Clearwater trout….and a good release!
Sure, let’s add a side profile. No other boats on the lake…perfect!
Double headers are always welcomed.

It’s all about having a good time…

Good food, good company and good music!
Bob Wilson has been musky fishing and playing music on Eagle Lake since 1967!
Jim and Stacie Drew whooping it up with stoic camp owner. (No Biden beer for me…Trudeau malt liquor?)
Keith Mitchell cruising the BBQ deck looking for chics….

There you have it. A taste of what the last couple weeks have been about….

Weather is cooling and the lake is getting lower. Forest fires are down due to the weather and some rain in the area. We are keeping our fingers crossed on having more water in the lake moving forward into the fall…but we will go with the flow. Fishing has been good……hoping you can join us soon!

*editors comment: The Biden beer was actually donated by Anne from McColl’s Island (a bastion of democracy on Eagle Lake)…thanks Anne! It’s much more fun to put Len out on a limb!

7 thoughts on “September 1, 2021…VBL update

  1. It was the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. Special thanks to Gord and Susanne for a Great place to Vacation. It was even Better than I expected. Hope to come again. Patrick

    1. Charles…Thanks for reminding me of important things that I may have once known about, spoken about, or perhaps have written about. I do, for sure, seem to recall dreaming about two giant fish—a lake trout and northern pike—doing battle with each other in the middle of Vermilion Bay. It was epic, as in King Kong vs. Godzilla or Ali vs. Frazier. The fight lasted for hours with each fish battling to exhaustion and finally death. Gord watch the whole thing through his binoculars while consuming so much beer that he passed out on the porch. Susanne found him the following day in the fish house filleting out the massive beasts with a chain saw. As I heard it, each fillet was close to 25 pounds. Truly, this was a once in a lifetime experience.

  2. You may rest comfortably assured that I would not have purchased that particular brand of malted barley beverage! If fact I might just switch my preference to Whiskey and ginger-ale with a lemon twist. They seem to be laying around almost everywhere at VBL.

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